The Hagendorf-Pleystein Province: the Center of Pegmatites in an Ensialic Orogen

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The occurrence of sheet joints is related to the cooling of the granite.

This works only during the formation of the greisen zone as shown in Fig. In case of Panasqueira and all the more so in the African pegmatite deposits Figs. Deep geophysics. If we do not want to speculate on petrological processes without evidence we have to take refuge to geoelectric resis- tivity measurements to answer this question.

Haak and his study-group carried out such measurements during a pre-well-site study for a super-deep drill hole Fig. As this regional deep- sounding covered also part of the area rife with pegmatite deposits along the western edge of the Bohemian Massif, these data were re- interpreted in view of the genesis of pegmatites by Dill Anatectic pegmatoid made up of The 1-D measurement shows the resistivity to be lower under- K-feldspar and quartz bordered by a paleosome of biotite, Strontium Granite in North neath some pegmatites.

The 2-D results obtained by means of the Scotland, Great Britain. In-situ pegmatite formation by partial melting of amphibolites various methods revealed a low-resistivity zone known from the assumed anatexis age — Ma in a road cut near Iveland Village, Norway photo- foreland to dip down under the basement with a pronounced low- graph courtesy of A.

These Sn—W pegmatites from Brazil can be reported from Lagoa Real, Bahia zones have restricted vertical extension but are horizontally rather Lobato and Fyfe, It is not the only one located at the eastern extensive, a feature pretty well in accordance with the tabular peg- sea border of Brazil Espinharas, Itataia. The analogue beyond the At- matites in Africa, which similar to the horizontal low-resistivity lantic Ocean is Kitongo, Cameroon, which marks the initial suture zones cut across the lithology Fig.

It a klippen in the stacked pattern of the nappes Fig. The zone of high conductivity underneath the pegmatites in the late-stage pegmatite units of sugary albite, associated with mica- Fig.

The geodynamic setting at the transition from the supercritical to stage of pegmatite consolidation. The term granitic pegmatite would the subcritical state. According to Trumbull , the best tin values function of the geodynamic setting and the magmatic intrusive rocks occur in pegmatites that exhibit boudinage and other signs of ductile generated in this setting Table 3. Generally speaking, pegmatitic deformation caused by shearing. Albitization and wall rock alter- rocks are a mixtum compositum of crustal and subcrustal processes.

An ation are synkinematic. Albitization took place as a re- ites. Albitite-type uranium deposits are exclusive to Proterozoic metamor- 4. A reference example lies within the Kirovograd-Krivoi Rog district, where deep-penetrating faults extend over several tens of kilo- Beryl is a relatively rare element in the uppermost part of the con- meter and closely associated with pegmatite intrusions Belevtsev, tinental crust averaging 3 ppm Be, where granites and pegmatites ; Grechishnicov, An example much closer to the anorogenic are the dominant igneous host rocks.

Other than Sn and W which are accommodated in pegmatitic rocks in the lattice of a few true ore minerals such as cassiterite, wolframite and scheelite, Be is pres- ent in pegmatites in ore minerals such as beryl, being the source of Table 6 beryllium and in a wide range of colored gemstones, with one of Boron-bearing minerals to be exploited as gemstones from pegmatites and pegmatite-re- lated skarns. Only a few of these gemstones which are very popular also with non-mineralogists for Achroite var. Elbaite NaLi2.

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Beryl has been Elbaite NaLi2. Table 7a Table 7b Fluorine-bearing pegmatites by country and geology — see also Fig. For legends see Fig. Weber, Site Country Mineral No. Site Country Mineral. Stussi who dealt with the chemistry of granitic Amorican Massif Chauris, , Aluminopotassic granitoids Feldspar and quartz are only mentioned for the so-called barren or nonrare-element containing pegmatites and aplites, e.

They are associated with position, is located in the Triberg Granite Complex, Germany Markl, two-mica leucogranites, with a separate occurrence of Sn, W, Li, Be, ; Achstetter, Analogous Be mineralization with bertrandite, Nb—Ta mineralization related to highly evolved Na leucogranites, phenakite and beryl has been known from the pegmatite veins at whereas U mineralization is related to K leucogranites. Besides a small tin mineralization, the author reported by the emplacement of pegmatites results from the ensialic evolu- bertrandite, beryl, and phenakite from this granitic pegmatite.

In known to be genetically related to granitic intrusions, such as Sn, Be, Nb the Moldanubian Zone, several pegmatites s. The gneiss—mylonites, apart from granites and granodiorites. Table 10 Chemical composition of various types of pegmatitic rocks in and around the Hagendorf—Pleystein Pegmatite Province, Germany.

Table 11 Austria and the Western Carpathians in Slovakia, that is the eastern ex- a. The Pyrenees form the westernmost part of the Alpine orogen with the majority of their rocks subjected to Late Cretaceous through Paleo- gene structural deformation Alvarado, Granite-related, mainly skarn deposits, formed during the Paleozoic in the basement rocks of this Alpine mountain chain. Chemical results are given in wt.

The Hagendorf-Pleystein Province: The Center of Pegmatites in an Ensialic Orogen -

In the main or central part of the Alpine mountain chain, geological Be—P- and B—Be—P pegmatites, in the majority of cases of tabular shape investigations unraveled two major tectonic activities similar to the Dill, Heading further east into the center of the Bohemian Mas- western Pyrenees, one during the Cretaceous and another during the sif — see Fig. The Mid German mineral shows which have been paid attention to by mineral collectors. In other b. Silica-bearing pegmatites by country and geology — see also Fig. Yet there is little doubt about their start-up from a subcrustal level and association with pegmatites in the Bohemian Massif Dill, Richter and Stettner published the increase of beryllium by differentiation of a granite suite in the Saxo-Thuringian zone of the Mid-European Variscides: G 1: 4.

Seltmann et al. Lamprophyres have considerable Be contents and so stand out from the overall igneous rocks, by values of Mineralized pegmatites s. Across the Atlantic Ocean in the USA, remarkable concentrations of beryl, accompanied by amblygonite, spodumene and minerals of the triphylite s.

Be pegmatites in the Alpine Metallotect Three areas deserve particular attention as to the reactivation of Late Variscan pegmatites in the course of the Alpine orogeny.

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This Walter et al. Uher et al. Beryl is among the pegmatites. Ensuing overprinting metamorphic processes under eclogite- bazzite plus smectite. Be pegmatites in the Proterozoic Metallotect in Africa the magmatic nature of the aforementioned rocks.

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Beryllium minerals are common to many pegmatites in Africa, where In the Western Carpathians beryl is the characteristic mineral of the they provide a good basis for small-scale miners and local diggers who Variscan ca. Accessory Nb—Ta— Sn oxide minerals occur in the most fraction- living from Fig.

This is especially true for Madagascar, today an ated ones. According to the authors 1st gen.

Geodynamically it is located at the southern end of the Mozambique On comparison of Variscan Be-bearing pegmatites in Alpine orogens, Belt, where syntectonic — Ma and post-tectonic pegmatites the three reference types from the various branches have one mineral in developed Petters, The younger pegmatites, straddle the common, beryl.

It is the primary beryllium mineral that developed Precambrian-Paleozoic boundary around Ma down to Ma within the Paleozoic source rocks. According to Barton , in a Berger et al. Ta De Vito et al. Pegmatite-related schist-hosted emerald deposits are mined scheme with three classes 1 abyssal class, 2 rare element class, in open pits in Zambia Fig. Seifert et al. I mention this scheme only for the sake of com- count on the origin of the emerald deposits in the Kafubu Area, Zambia.

A list of gemmy beryllium- magnetite metabasites, hosting emerald mineralization as metamor- bearing minerals is presented in Table 4 and shown in Fig. Pezzotta phosed komatiites. A closer look at Fig.

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In the Ural Mts. The pegmatite applicable only for the sites under study. Some beryllium-bearing hosting the emerald pockets is associated with albitites and was pegmatites are shown in the paragraphs below. The felsic melt of the pegmatites emerald whose emeralds formed along a phlogopitic contact zone interacted with the Cr-bearing basic country rocks. Moine et al. Vapnik et al. The newly created map allows for delineating two Kianjavato deposit. The Isahara Pegmatite Field was described by areas, which have already attracted our attention as we dealt with the Pezzotta ; it contains B—F—Be pegmatites aquamarine.

More- Sn—W deposits in Section 4. It is the East Africa Rift System and the su- over these pegmatites host topaz, tourmaline, smoky quartz and citrine ture zone between Brazil, Namibia and Nigeria.